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brennan, thank you. defense secretary chuck hagel also spoke by phone with his russian counter-part today. while the pentagon had no immediate details on the conversation, hagel cautioned russia in an interview recorded yesterday with bob schieffer for "face the nation." >> reporter: this in your view would be a mistake for the russians if they decided to go into the ukraine. >> ting would be a mistake. and this would set in motion so many different dynamics that are not in anyone's interests. >> axelrod: please note that secretary of state john kerry will also be speaking with bob schieffer tomorrow morning on "face the nation." chinese state media is reporting 28 people were killed and 113 injured in what's being called an orchestrated knife attack in the southwestern part of the country. this took place in kun-ming when a group of men reportedly wearing all black stormed a busy train station and began stabbing people with long knives. the attackers were shot and killed by police. now to southern california, where the headline is be careful what you wish for. after months of drought, th
with one second come off the clock. >> jim: ohio state executing defensively down the stretch here to stretch this game out. but indiana the key against that is just going back to the line and making free throws. have to make at least one. >> ian: only one meeting for these two teams this season. you've got rutgers and maryland joining the big ten next season. and indiana and ohio state are scheduled to meet twice next season. for ohio state, it's going to be back-to-back losses. at penn state and at indiana. they have a week off until their next game, when they host michigan state. >> jim: a couple of opportunities to win that penn state game but just losing it by two points. >> ian: final seconds. smith misses on a threeball. sheehey the rebound. the buckeyes back off. indiana trying to make a late season run. [buzzer] to get into the ncaa tournament. 72-64, the hoosiers knock off the buckeyes! indiana improves to 7-9 in the big ten. ohio state drops to 9-8 in the conference. so for jim spanarkel, this ian eagle signing off from bloomington. tonight on cbs, "60 minutes,." this ha
of pistorius would emerge during this trial. was the motive fear or rage. the defense will portray him as a tragic figure, the para olympic gold medalist who shot his girlfriend after mistaking her for an intruder. the prosecution will argue pistorius is attempting to cover up a far more dangerous fate, that of a violent gun obsessed young man who shot his girlfriend in a murderous fit of rage. it's been dubbed south africa's o.j. simpson trial but here there is no dispute over who pulled the trigger as the story submitted to us during his bail hearing. but shooting someone believing they are a threat is a tough case to prove says forensic specialist dr. david klatzow. >> our law doesn't allow you just to kill somebody who may be a threat to you. the threat to you has got to be real, and it's got to be imminent. >> reporter: in a legal precedent for south africa, much of the case will be broadcast live. it all begins here at pretoria's high court tomorrow. the case was initially set down for three weeks but in all likelihood will take months as the prosecution plans to call at least 10
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)